Fatma Nur Bayraktar

Welcome to the FNB studio, which represent my full name initials as in Fatma Nur Bayraktar, and at the same time stand for my professional slogan:         Forever New Beginnings…                                             I am a professional jewellery designer and an artist at heart, which I try to input into my jewellery work to reflect the state of art I see in people, in nature, and in every day life that actually enable us to evolve in constant motion with new beginnings all over again. Therefore, we know that the time is passing, people and events come and go as well, and only items that we obtain for personal use for ourselves or for others – remain after us, silently carrying the long lived memory of us all, and most intimate of those items can be considered to be the pieces of custom made jewellery. That is why, I enjoy working on  my custom made jewellery pieces using various techniques such as metal clay and enamel. I specialize in Metal Clay, and I think I am still the only one who is pursuing this skill professionally in entire Turkey, where I was born and today I work and live in its city Istanbul. Most of my exclusive jewellery art work’s photographs are not on my website, therefore you are welcome to stop by my atelier at the Istanbul Design Center if  you are visiting Istanbul. Please, contact me here for appointments and for any other questions, I will be happy to hear from you.                                                                                               – with love, Fatma Nur

About Designer:

Graduate of the Jewellery Design and Goldsmithing departments of Gazi University, and the Jewellery Technology and Design department of Mersin University. She was the first in Turkey to prepare and successfully complete her thesis on the subject of Metal Clay.

Continued her education further by studying Photography at the Photography and Videography department of Anatolian University. Earned a degree in Short Film production for the duration of one year in an intensive course program. Photography and film are another forms of art that she defines as one of her passions to pursue.

After completing her undergraduate education she had received training on wax modelling from Mehmet Kabaş, on enamel from Mary Chuduk, and on illustration techniques from Hasan Kale. She had also obtained training on skills with glass, ceramics and wood work from many other traditional master artisans as well, in order to be able to incorporate these art skills into her work on jewellery design and production.

Participated in many local and international exhibitions, which include her own solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

Since 2005 continuous work experience in offering education and practice in jewellery design and production at the ‘İlk İz’ (‘First Mark’) Art House; at the universities; at the academic centers; at exclusive jewellery ateliers and boutiques in Istanbul; and at the Istanbul Design Center, where she continues to teach and work at her jewellery atelier.

Currently, continues education further by studying for her MA degree in Art and Design graduate program of Kemerburgaz University (Istanbul). At the same time, continues to teach and consult on metal clay, wax modelling, and enamel techniques in jewellery design and production; to create her own collections; to organize and to participate in exhibitions and other relevant events.

forever  new  beginnings…